Het Schrijflokaal

Self-adhesive snowdrop postage stamps

In addition to the special tea towel developed for nursery De Boschhoeve ‘s 10th snowdrop festival Leslie Leijenhorst of Het Schrijflokaal has also produced a postage stamp to celebrate the occasion. The stamp shows two stems of the graceful Galanthus nivalis.  The image was made by nature photographer Philip Friskorn of Oldemarkt who also produced the photographs for the series ‘Treasures of the Hortus Bulborum’.

The cheerful stamp will provide a little color boost to postcards and letters sent in the last month of winter and the early spring. Or for those who are interested they will give a botanical flavor to the season’s mail. They are not available at the local offices of TNT but will be for sale on a limited basis at De Boschhoeve and from Het Schrijflokaal on the basis of 10 on a sheet at 5 EURO per sheet, and in combination with sets of nostalgic snowdrops cards reprinted by Dineke Logtenberg of De Boschhoeve. A number of collectors have already shown great interest in these stamps. Earlier Leijenhorst brought out a series of stamps with images of inner petals of exotic flame tulips. These tulips are shown at various spring flower shows, among them the exhibit of The Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society.

(February 8, 2011)